Client: Nissan

Project: 370Z ‘traitors’ web film / Media: Email

The Nissan Sports ‘traitors’ tone of voice is all about challenging convention and sticking two fingers up to the sports car elite. These emails were created to encourage click-through to an anti-establishment web film, which specifically poked fun at an existing BMW campaign.

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Art Director: Steve Heycock


Client: Unilever

Project: Flora Heart Age Halloween / Media: YouTube channel + Facebook

The Flora Heart Age Facebook page features recipes and cookery tips from ‘Flora Mum’ Fiona Faulkner. To promote her special pumpkin-based meals for Halloween, TMW creative team Rob and Rebecca came up with a great idea called ‘Meet The Pumpkins’. I was drafted in as comedy script doctor to write all the gags (I even landed the part of ‘annoying pumpkin’ – on the left).

Art Director: Robert Mills
Co-Copywriter: Rebecca Bell
Pumpkin on left: Dave Washer

Client: Lloyds TSB

Project: Home insurance promotion / Media: DRTV

As the UK’s number one provider of home insurance, chances are your neighbours are covered by Lloyds TSB. Integrating with the ‘chosen by your neighbours’ ATL campaign, this DRTV ad injected a bit of energy and humour into a saturated marketplace and, for added stand out, featured a VO from Harry Hill.

Art Director: Mark Reddick

Client: T-Mobile

Project: Pay as you go upgrade / Media: DM + MMS + SMS + Email

Historically, T-Mobile’s Pay monthly customers have always got a better deal on phone upgrades than Pay as you go customers. To mark a shift in thinking (and some genuinely great upgrade offers for Pay as you go customers) we came up with the ‘pink carpet’ idea – i.e. T-Mobile doing something to make non Pay monthly customers feel appreciated and a bit more special.

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Art Director: Mark Reddick

Client: Diageo

Project: Gordon’s Christmas / Media: DM + Email + Microsite

Challenge: Make Gordon’s the undisputed spirit for social entertaining over the Christmas period. Solution: An integrated campaign featuring tactile, genuinely useful DM and a microsite full of inspired ideas.

Art Director: Sedaka Charles

Client: NHS Blood & Transplant

Project: Black & Asian organ donor recruitment / Media: DM

The fact is, black and Asian people are three times more likely to need an organ transplant at some point in their lives, yet less than 1% of those on the NHS Organ Donor Register come from the black and Asian community. This pitch-winning work used a simple but powerful creative idea to highlight the need for organ donors.

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Art Director: Mark Reddick

Client: Unilever

Project: Family Food Fight / Media: Online banners + Facebook content

Family Food Fight with Flora is a Channel Five show in which two families take on each other to make the tastiest, healthiest meal, aided by top chefs Jean-Christophe Novelli and Mark Tebbut. Our brief was to come up with some impactful digital assets to promote the show, so we decided to take the language of the boxing ring and transfer it to the kitchen.

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Art Director: Steven Heycock

Client: East Coast

Project: Business travel promo / Media: DM + Press + Taxi leaflet + Landing page

Business travellers love flying. So getting them to give East Coast’s First Class offering a go was a challenge. Taking the old adage that the best ideas can usually be found on the back of an envelope, we created a compelling campaign that worked across a variety of media.

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Art Director: Clare Trepleton

Client: Unilever

Project: Persil Free Play Initiative / Media: DM + Website

The idea behind the Persil Free Play Initiative was to encourage kids to get outside, get playing, get messy and get some exercise. Tapping into the concept of exploration and free play, we came up with the idea of a scrapbook, which children could use to document all their outdoor adventures. Plus, online, a ‘virtual scrapbook’ that could be emailed on to family and friends.

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Art Director: Sedaka Charles

Client: PayPal

Project: PayPal is for more than just eBay / Media: Cross-track posters + Digital 6-sheets + Online banners

Everyone knows that PayPal is the easiest way to pay for things on eBay, but not everyone knows that PayPal can also be used at thousands of other places online. Our task was to create an integrated campaign that a) raised awareness of the PayPal brand and b) highlighted all the other websites that accept PayPal.

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Art Director: Jeff Bowerman

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